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After publishing my first book – Have Food Will Travel – I felt that I was missing a little something and needed another book, but I also wanted to share it with someone. I always dreamed about owning a restaurant with my son Craig, but we are continents and oceans apart and this was not a practical goal. Then an idea struck. Since he takes dessert and turns it into something gorgeous, I asked him if he would like to do a book on dessert with me. Yes! We can do this thing together. A Taste of Gorgeous was born.

I love dessert, but I’m not a great maker of dessert. I also love to write, so we’ve combined forces to bring you a gorgeous cookbook with my favorite dessert recipes that I’ve collected over the years. The cooking, styling and photography was done by Craig. I’ve collected the recipes over the years and they were in various places in disarray, which made them hard to find. I decided to put them all into one place and here we are. Let’s dust off the mixing bowl and get mixing!

There was a very specific requirement for the recipes. I had to be willing to make each one of them and since I don’t like making complex desserts, it had to be simple enough for me to put together. I was therefore very careful how I chose the recipes.

Food bring back fond memories for me and a lot of the desserts in this book do just that. They’re mostly from my mom’s or grannies’ kitchens, which invoke sweet childhood memories. Some I tasted in exotic locations, such as my favorite of all times, the key lime pie (deconstructed version image and recipe follows on the Recipes page of this website as a prelude to the book), or I paged through my favorite food magazine or cookbook, saw them, loved them, made them or intended to make them, or they came from friends whose memories I’d like to keep.

I hope that like me, you will journey through this book and find the desserts beautiful, elegant and yet very simple to make. Whether you’re an experienced dessert maker or whether you’re like me and need it as simple as possible, I hope that this book will create the desire in you to want to make every single one of these desserts and that you will gradually create your way through it without skipping any. The lemon meringue pie is more complex, but we know you will be tempted to rise to the occasion!

Both Craig and I hope that you will enjoy the eye candy, that it will inspire you to make every single recipe, that you will enjoy the sugar rush when you take that first bite and that the joy of the ones you share it with, will be your reward.